The Fault in Our Stars – Book Review


Yo guys, today i’m reviewing the Fault in Our stars,  the most recent big book on the shelves.

Written by John Green, The Fault in Our Stars is the story of Hazel Lancaster and Augustus Waters, two Indianapolis teenagers who meet at a Cancer Kid Support Group.

Although this is a book about cancer, it is not a cancer book. It is not your typical ‘tragic’ book and frankly, I think it is a lot more than that. It is romantic too and very heartwarming,. Throughout the book, I really warmed to the characters, especially Augustus who is not only charming and kind but very witty. The characters are written in such a way that they seem very very real and that is both the book’s strength and weakness because personally, I was incredibly attached to Hazel and Augustus.

Hazel and Augustus mutually fall in love with each other and use Augustus’ “cancer perk” to visit Amsterdam to meet their favourite yet reclusive author. However, the cancer kicks in and Augustas falls ill, even worse than Hazel who has terminal lung cancer and their lives are soon cut off too soon.  I wont completely spoil it for you, get the book online or at your nearest book store and you will completely understand, read it soon as the movie is coming out in 2014, me and my friends cannot wait to see the story come to life!


Click here to get it at the Guardian Bookshop

Also, click here to listen to Troye Sivan’s song about The Fault in Our Stars!


So we’ve all heard of Lush right, or we’ve all at least smelt it!

I adore it, me and my friends enjoy to have little trips to lush and have a little haul, its bad but so good! I’m going to show you guys my favourites,

Dark Angels– Dark Angels is my regular face scrub and it is absolutely brilliant! i noticed a change in my skin after a matter of days! Highly recommended, one small pot last a long time and totally worth the price

Think Pink– I got this bath bomb as a free sample once and had to go to the shop and stock up! It makes your bath into a lovely pink colour and also smells like heaven!

Magic Wand– I love a bubble bath and this, is perfect. All you do is swish it around in the bath and voila, the perfect bubble bath!

Todays YouTube video is Zoella doing a traditional Lush Haul! 


Crafty books!

How To craft books are great when you’re in the mood to whip up a cushion or an apron!
Here are my two favourites,
sew! – Cath Kidston
A fantastic little book with over 40 projects in, including the templates in the front cover! I found it on amazon, click here to see

ReCraft – buttonbag
This shows you how to turn second hand stuff into beautiful things, there are some really cool patterns in here! Including Shirt Bunting, owl doorstop and toy box jewellery! It’s fantastic, i found it on amazon, click here to get one yourself!


Southsea Coffee Co.

Heya guys… Let me introduce you to a brand new coffee shop! Southsea Coffee Co. it is in the heart of Southsea, 63 Osborne Road. It is absolutely b-e-a-utiful! It was only opened a few days ago and it has a fantastic family friendly atmosphere and serves local produce. I love it and its definitely in my top 5 favourite places! If you are in the southsea area, I fully recommend you take a visit

Click here to check out the website 🙂



A film review by thaturbanfox-The Fox And The Child

The Fox And The Child
This film is the most exhilarating and heart warming film I have ever seen. It shows commitment, love, trust and most of all it shows the true beauty of nature.
I’m not going to explain the entire film for you because it would be so hard to explain the excellent filming. It shows the true wonders if nature and also how nature can be harsh. If you have a passion for fine photography/filming or nature, this is the film for you.

Here shows the fox and the child bonding and becoming true friends

Thanks for reading and I hope you get the chance to see this wonderful film.