A big sorry from me!

So guys, you may have noticed that i haven’t posted in a while…

Well, the truth is, i have! Ive been posting quick updates via my phone but it took me a while to realise that they weren’t working!? They saved as drafts and were completely blank? Anywhoo, i can promise you lots more and i’m in the process of making a few foxy crafts, ill keepyou posted!


Zooey Dechanel

Okay… Let me introduce you to my girl crush…
Zoeey Deschanel!

She is no doubt the cutest and funniest lady ever… If only I knew her…
She stars in ‘New Girl’ and ‘500 days of summer’ which she plays perfectly!

Someone actually told me that I look like her whilst in my school uniform the other day… I gave them a biiig hug!




My Vintage Camera Collection

Heyta guys, i’ve been collecting cameras for a few years now and i love it! As my dad is an Antiques dealer, he brings in lots of different types, and gives me a few to choose from! I would say my favourite but i cant choose! Ooh maybe the instamatic? The Holga? Or maybe the Polaroid?

I can’t choose they are all so fascinating 😮




Southsea Gems

Seashell Bay has changed! I now own the business and it’s called Southsea Gems! There will be more vintage and reworked vintage. We will also be stocking lamps, photo frames, mirrors and lots more.
Thanks! X