Fox of the week

This week has been busy! I’ve created a fox cake and in the process in making a fox cushion! I’m uploading a tutorial for both this weekend, in the mean time- enjoy this wonderful photo of a stuffed fox! Recommended by my friend, if you ever find or take a photo of a fox then don’t hesitate to send it in 🙂

Angela Singer

Fox of the Week!

Heya guys… i kinda forgot to post my fox of the week yesterday! Sorry!

Better late than never!

Here’s a beautiful Urban Fox on the fence of someones garden… they are just so agile!

Fox of the week- Urban fox

Fox of the week- Urban fox

Fox of the week!

Heya guys, ive decided to do a ‘Fox of the week’ from now on! As you probably have already guessed… its photo of a fox that i will post every Friday!

Todays fox is well… adorable! Two fox cubs- a fab picture to start off with!


Enjoy! x