So we’ve all heard of Lush right, or we’ve all at least smelt it!

I adore it, me and my friends enjoy to have little trips to lush and have a little haul, its bad but so good! I’m going to show you guys my favourites,

Dark Angels– Dark Angels is my regular face scrub and it is absolutely brilliant! i noticed a change in my skin after a matter of days! Highly recommended, one small pot last a long time and totally worth the price

Think Pink– I got this bath bomb as a free sample once and had to go to the shop and stock up! It makes your bath into a lovely pink colour and also smells like heaven!

Magic Wand– I love a bubble bath and this, is perfect. All you do is swish it around in the bath and voila, the perfect bubble bath!

Todays YouTube video is Zoella doing a traditional Lush Haul! 



My favourite shoes= Vans.


I mean you’ve got to love a bit of canvas vans haven’t you? i mean . I’m kinda obsessed with my 9 pairs but i just love them! They are comfortable, they look good when they’re worn and they just look cool! I have many pairs, demin, burgundy, aztec, high tops, black…

I wear vans to school as they are just so comfortable, i’ve gone through 4 pairs at school over… many years! I wouldn’t dare change, it would feel strange!

Heres some of them, enjoy!

IMG_9204 IMG_9205 IMG_9206 IMG_9207 IMG_9208


Sun… Sunglasses… Although the weather seems to of taken a downfall (literally ;)) I can’t stop thinking about what to do and what to wear in the sun! Obviously you have to keep safe and wear sun lotion, maybe a cute floral dress but a good pair of sunglasses are VITAL! I mean I get terrible headaches when I don’t wear them and well… They look good!

If you’re going to wear sunglasses, you can’t wear some shabby sunglasses that will break in a week! I’m going to invest in a pair of Raybans for the sunny days! I just don’t know what style!

Heres an example of one of the most popular style, I love this! But a close friend has a pair, so I don’t want to copy!

This style is no doubt a very fashionable and quirky style! It’s different but I think it may be a bit risky…

These ones are truly… Ah! Beautiful! I love them… But I think I’ve got the men’s edition here? Anyways I love the idea!!!

You can also get lots of different patterns… I love this map edition! Maybe a simple one for the starts and a patterned one for second?

It sounds so easy to just go ahead and buy a pair… But they are just so. expensive 😮 oh well… It’s worth it! Looks like I’m saving up for months on end! Haha, thanks for reading!