The memory wall

Hey you guys!

So for a few years now i’ve been mindlessly piling up old photos and radnom business cards on my wall and i have to say… it’s turned out quite big.


You name it, it’s on there. Old baby photos, origami, bottle lids, kinder egg surprises, letters, random business cards… you get the picture


Decorating my room has become a habit for me recently, i have posters, cameras, art, all kinds of random things that you wouldn’t find in a bedroom normally. The most recent addition has been fairy lights. I’ve always wanted to create a relaxing space in my room, like so-


I think i’m close to a nice cosy place to relax, just in time for my GCSE’s 🙂



I hope you’re all enjoying December, i’ve just about got all my shopping done! Todays YouTube video is Zoella, last year she uploaded an awesome video of her festive room, it was an inspiration for me to decorate my room! Check it out here!

Also, i did a little room tour/christmas tree decorating on my YouTube channel here if you would like to check it out! I’d love it if you did! 


Thank you and goodbye my fellow foxes!



Victorious Festival

Hey everyone!
I’m sorry I haven’t posted much recently, my bad!

Victorious Festival The local festival is this weekend! If you’re local to Southsea then you have probably heard of it. Victorious festival is a big event that started last year involving Portsmouth Historic Dockyard attractions, loads of free kids attractions, live music, boutique market, bars, catering, Real Ale Festival and entertainment. It’s absolutely brilliant! This year I willy ace my very own stall selling Jewellery that is handmade by myself, I have mentioned before I have a jewellery business called Southsea Gems

I handmake and rework vintage jewellery and sell at local markets. I also sell online via Etsy I can’t wait! It’s going to be super fun and why not come along, just click here for the main website and how to get tickets!

Some cute handmade jewellery for sale this weekend, also available on Etsy
In the mean time, see you next time!

Garage lounge

If you live in southsea then you may of heard of a wonderful Café called ‘Garage Lounge’, if ever get the chance to go, it’s on Albert road, right near the One Eyed Dog on Albert Road. It’s absolutely devine! I went with a friend and we shared an Oreo cheesecake… It was




The other day, my mum and I were having a sneaky McDonalds in the car park when a bird landed on the wind mirror! I’m sure he was just looking for food but it was funny! As I took a photo he flew off! I got him just before he went!


Antiques fair

Yesterday I went to an antiques fair with my mum and dad, I had to wake up at 3:30 am! When we arrived we unpacked the things and sold, when I had a little break I set off to buy a few bits of jewellery for Seashell Bay (ill explain later) when I came across Louie Spence! You know that crazy dancing man! Well he was playing up to the cameras! Ah well we left at 4pm and stayed at a friend of my dads for the night!



Photo shoot

Today I have been in a photo shoot. I had to dress 1950’s and I had my hair and makeup done… Back comb mayhem! In the first shoot I was with a friend, Josh. I was cowering away from him whilst he had a gun in his hand, the second one was painful! Haha no it was fine- I was pinned back with perfect hair and hands in perfect position! Ill post up the photos when they are ready! Here’s one of behind the set.

Heart tissue box

Heya, you probably already know that valentines day is tomorrow and at the moment i have the flu 😦 So an idea hit me when staring at the tissue box (I don’t know why). Well it looked like a heart to begin with so i added a little pen and voila! Its a Heart Tissue Box! Mumma would be so proud.

heart tissue box