Exciting News!

Hey guys! Merry december everybody!

I have a few things lined up for you guys this month, today i would like to introduce you to something.

Y’know that blog post i did about YouTube? (x)

Well you may of noticed i said i might start my very own YouTube channel, and well, you guessed it.. I did!

I’ve always enjoyed filming things, even as a small child i wanted to steal my mum’s old brick camera to record myself dancing or acting. I used to love writing stories too, although the whole time i was thinking ‘it would be so much easier to just make a film!’

At the same time i discovered this brilliant website where you could watch a cat meowing at it’s own reflection, a dancing parrot and a dog that says what sounds like, ‘I love you’ Many years passed and i discovered a whole new community on this website, yes you’ve guessed it, the website was YouTube. I love to watch people’s favourites of the months and others letting me know what they’ve been up to this week and i couldn’t help thinking, ‘I can do that’

So months ago i purchased a Tripod and gave it a go. It was a lot harder than i though so i figured i should just give it a miss and watch all these amazing people do it instead, but last week I went on a trip to Germany and decided to film it, i’m not in it (although my friend Ethan featured in it a lot) but i hope to carry on this whole YouTube experience

LONG STORY SHORT- I started a YouTube channel.

Please check it out here, subscribe and watch my new video, i will be doing lots of fun filming of days out or random happenings.

As always, keep blogging my Fox’s!


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