The memory wall

Hey you guys!

So for a few years now i’ve been mindlessly piling up old photos and radnom business cards on my wall and i have to say… it’s turned out quite big.


You name it, it’s on there. Old baby photos, origami, bottle lids, kinder egg surprises, letters, random business cards… you get the picture


Decorating my room has become a habit for me recently, i have posters, cameras, art, all kinds of random things that you wouldn’t find in a bedroom normally. The most recent addition has been fairy lights. I’ve always wanted to create a relaxing space in my room, like so-


I think i’m close to a nice cosy place to relax, just in time for my GCSE’s 🙂



I hope you’re all enjoying December, i’ve just about got all my shopping done! Todays YouTube video is Zoella, last year she uploaded an awesome video of her festive room, it was an inspiration for me to decorate my room! Check it out here!

Also, i did a little room tour/christmas tree decorating on my YouTube channel here if you would like to check it out! I’d love it if you did! 


Thank you and goodbye my fellow foxes!



Exciting News!

Hey guys! Merry december everybody!

I have a few things lined up for you guys this month, today i would like to introduce you to something.

Y’know that blog post i did about YouTube? (x)

Well you may of noticed i said i might start my very own YouTube channel, and well, you guessed it.. I did!

I’ve always enjoyed filming things, even as a small child i wanted to steal my mum’s old brick camera to record myself dancing or acting. I used to love writing stories too, although the whole time i was thinking ‘it would be so much easier to just make a film!’

At the same time i discovered this brilliant website where you could watch a cat meowing at it’s own reflection, a dancing parrot and a dog that says what sounds like, ‘I love you’ Many years passed and i discovered a whole new community on this website, yes you’ve guessed it, the website was YouTube. I love to watch people’s favourites of the months and others letting me know what they’ve been up to this week and i couldn’t help thinking, ‘I can do that’

So months ago i purchased a Tripod and gave it a go. It was a lot harder than i though so i figured i should just give it a miss and watch all these amazing people do it instead, but last week I went on a trip to Germany and decided to film it, i’m not in it (although my friend Ethan featured in it a lot) but i hope to carry on this whole YouTube experience

LONG STORY SHORT- I started a YouTube channel.

Please check it out here, subscribe and watch my new video, i will be doing lots of fun filming of days out or random happenings.

As always, keep blogging my Fox’s!