Tin Can Lanterns

Every year I go camping with a few family friends and of course my dog, Duke. I was surfing through Pinterest and came accross these tin can lanterns! They are perfect for the tent and camper, I’ll also be making some cute bunting to brighten up the campsite 🙂
Click here for the tutorial!


Oreo cupcakes

Everybody loves an Oreo, right? There are soo many things you can do with them, smoothies, cake, even Cadburys has released their own Oreo edition chocolate! Well here’s how to make Oreo cupcakes! A simple and easy method that takes under an hour!

12 Oreo biscuits
115g/4 oz soft brown sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
2 large eggs
175g/6 oz self raising flour
1 tsp baking powder
4 tbsp milk
For the biscuit cupcakes, preheat the oven to 180’C /fan 160’C/350’F/gas mark 4.

Line the muffin run with 12 muffin cases and warm up the Oreos. Twist them apart and face cream side up in the cases. Crush the rest

Put the butter, sugar and vanilla into a bowl and whisk until fluffy, then whisk in the eggs. Sift the flour and baking powder, fold in and stir in the crushed biscuits and milk.

Spoon in the cases, bake for 29 minutes until firm and then cool on a wire rack, now you have… Oreo cupcakes!!


Tour de Southsea

Tour De Southsea

I’ve grown up in Southsea and I’ve had a great childhood. Southsea is a beautiful town with a seaside to be proud of. Here’s my favourite places to go and if you ever come down here, where to go!

1. Albert road
Albert road is the street I’ve grown up on, Albert road has all of the shops under the sun, places to rummage through old junk, get your hair done, craft in the craft cafe and finish the day in one of the (many) restaurants!

Of course, Albert road wouldn’t be the same without the grand Kings Theatre! On the 100th birthday of the theatre, a festival took place in Albert road which roped in a total of 20,000 people to celebrate! We were expecting 2,000 but the word gets round quickly in Southsea! It was called ‘Love Albert Road day’ and carried on for 3 brilliant years. unfortunately it had to stop a couple of years ago due to money money money, its a shame! My dad was a big part in it, like I said I have a house on Albert road… Well I wouldn’t say house, my home is attached to my dads antique shop. Strange, I know. Antiques use to be the most boring thing EVER when I was little but as I’ve got older I’ve learnt to appreciate them a lot more and that got me interested in jewellery- that’s anther story to post though.
Albert road is full of character and lots of independent shops, the first place to go on your travels!


2. The beach
Southsea wouldn’t be the same without the beach, of course. I love to meet up with friends and having a dip, walking along the seafront with my dog at the winter when no one is around and Fish and chips next to my whist I watch the sea. Near the beach there is a place called Castle Fields, I like to sit on the outside with my dog watching the sea and thinking all my crazy thoughts! Another part of the beach I enjoy is the eastney, this is the part of the beach where the dogs an have a run around in the summer! Duke loves it there and even braves a dip in the sea… Rarely!
Despite the stones and the English weather, if you catch the beach on a good day, it will be a great one.


3. The fun fair.
One of my favourite places to go is the fun fair. In the summer the fun fair is the best! With rides, ice cream and candy floss, not to mention all of the fun 2p machines! I also love the pier, unfortunately it’s closed at the moment but it has the most amazing crĂ©pe stand outside!


4. The Bandstand
The bandstand is the place to be when the weather is perfect. It’s right by the sea so you can do a double-whammy! The bandstand has live music very week in the summer, sometimes it’s so busy you can’t even MOVE! Every weekend you can go down and relax, have a dance, it’s so fun!



Of course there's MANY more places to go, here's a list-
Canoe lake
Southsea Skatepark
Castle fields
Just for them a search and your weekend is sorted! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

The 20 minute tote bag

Heya guys!

Sorry for the lack of posts! I have lots of ideas but hardly any time to write them out! i’ve had lots of (boring) revision and homework recently (YAWN)

I’m currently writing out a monstrous post on my phone which should be released this week!

In the mean time, enjoy this 20 minute tote bag, a Mollie Makes tutorial which i love!