DIY Elephant Garland Made From Scrapbook Paper

This super cute garland is a simple way to decorate your house! It’s made from scrapbook paper and string! I couldn’t find the tutorial but I guess it’s pretty easy.


1. Make a template for your elephant (or any other animal of your choosing) maybe about 15cm in width and 10cm (ish) in height. Is up to you really, if you want it small or giant to full up an entire wall.

2. Using all patterned scrapbook paper (or decorated by you) use the template to cute each individual animal.

3. Cut your string to desired length and so all of the animals fit onto it and so you can make a loop onto the top.

4. Using a glue gun, or PVA, draw vertical (or horizontal if you prefer a bunting like garland) line onto the back of the animals and then stick the string onto it!

5. Make a loop onto the top of the string.

6. Find a spot for you mew garland and pin it up!

Thanks and I hope you enjoy it πŸ™‚


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