Seaside Nails

As its sunny and everyone is spending their time at the beach… I thought that maybe seaside themed nails would be perfect!

I used-
2 shades of blue, lighter one for the background and darker one for the waves, I used ‘Blue Hawaii, 39’

A cocktail stick, for the tricky wave drawing

And the brush (normal brush from nail varnish bottle)

First of all, do a couple of coats of light blue, and use a hairdryer to make sure they are completely dry

Then dip the cocktail stick in the dark blue and paint the wave outline so it runs through the middle of the finger/thumb.

Fill the bottom of the wave in with the brush.

Leave to dry for a moment so it doesn’t smudge

Repeat on each nail… Using the hairdryer to dry the entire hand

Thanks and I hope they turned out better than mine! Haha well I tried… My first ‘fancy’ nail design!




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