Fox of the week

This week has been busy! I’ve created a fox cake and in the process in making a fox cushion! I’m uploading a tutorial for both this weekend, in the mean time- enjoy this wonderful photo of a stuffed fox! Recommended by my friend, if you ever find or take a photo of a fox then don’t hesitate to send it in 🙂

Angela Singer

That Urban Fox Nails

From my last post about nails, you will probably realise that I am not the best at painting nails… But I gave this one a go! I didn’t have any cocktail sticks so had to make do with the brush.


If you’re interested in glaming up your nails then I highly recommend you don’t use the cheap stuff! I used a nail varnish from Primark for the background and it was so difficult as it just never seems to set properly! I recommend-
No 7
… The list goes on!
Experiment with lots of different nail varnishes until you find the one that suits you.

You need-
3 different nail varnishes
Cocktail stick
Hair dryer (to dry)

1. Do the background colour, maybe a couple of coats to get a bold look.

2. Use the hair dryer to dry them, make sure you’re on the coldest option and start thinking about what you’re going to write on your nails, it could be your name, or it could be an animal! I chose That Urban Fox because… Well I’m sure that’s obvious!

3. Dip the cocktail stick into the nail varnish and start to write onto your nails, regularly dipping it in so it’s visible.

4. Use the hair dryer to dry it and start on the other hand!

Enjoy! Send me in your pics when you’re finished 🙂

Look out for my post about experimenting with nail varnishes to find the best one!

Fox of the Week!

Heya guys… i kinda forgot to post my fox of the week yesterday! Sorry!

Better late than never!

Here’s a beautiful Urban Fox on the fence of someones garden… they are just so agile!

Fox of the week- Urban fox

Fox of the week- Urban fox

DIY Elephant Garland Made From Scrapbook Paper

This super cute garland is a simple way to decorate your house! It’s made from scrapbook paper and string! I couldn’t find the tutorial but I guess it’s pretty easy.


1. Make a template for your elephant (or any other animal of your choosing) maybe about 15cm in width and 10cm (ish) in height. Is up to you really, if you want it small or giant to full up an entire wall.

2. Using all patterned scrapbook paper (or decorated by you) use the template to cute each individual animal.

3. Cut your string to desired length and so all of the animals fit onto it and so you can make a loop onto the top.

4. Using a glue gun, or PVA, draw vertical (or horizontal if you prefer a bunting like garland) line onto the back of the animals and then stick the string onto it!

5. Make a loop onto the top of the string.

6. Find a spot for you mew garland and pin it up!

Thanks and I hope you enjoy it 🙂


My favourite shoes= Vans.


I mean you’ve got to love a bit of canvas vans haven’t you? i mean . I’m kinda obsessed with my 9 pairs but i just love them! They are comfortable, they look good when they’re worn and they just look cool! I have many pairs, demin, burgundy, aztec, high tops, black…

I wear vans to school as they are just so comfortable, i’ve gone through 4 pairs at school over… many years! I wouldn’t dare change, it would feel strange!

Heres some of them, enjoy!

IMG_9204 IMG_9205 IMG_9206 IMG_9207 IMG_9208

Southsea Coffee Co.

Heya guys… Let me introduce you to a brand new coffee shop! Southsea Coffee Co. it is in the heart of Southsea, 63 Osborne Road. It is absolutely b-e-a-utiful! It was only opened a few days ago and it has a fantastic family friendly atmosphere and serves local produce. I love it and its definitely in my top 5 favourite places! If you are in the southsea area, I fully recommend you take a visit

Click here to check out the website 🙂



DIY iPad covers

We all love a bit of Mollie Makes huh? If you’re a proud iPad owner like myself, you will love this make! Its a cute way to keep your iPad safe. If you don’t own a iPad, you can also use it as a clutch!

DIY iPad covers

DIY iPad covers


Click here to find out how to make a fabulous iPad cover/ Clutch!

Fox of the week!

Heya guys, ive decided to do a ‘Fox of the week’ from now on! As you probably have already guessed… its photo of a fox that i will post every Friday!

Todays fox is well… adorable! Two fox cubs- a fab picture to start off with!


Enjoy! x


Sun… Sunglasses… Although the weather seems to of taken a downfall (literally ;)) I can’t stop thinking about what to do and what to wear in the sun! Obviously you have to keep safe and wear sun lotion, maybe a cute floral dress but a good pair of sunglasses are VITAL! I mean I get terrible headaches when I don’t wear them and well… They look good!

If you’re going to wear sunglasses, you can’t wear some shabby sunglasses that will break in a week! I’m going to invest in a pair of Raybans for the sunny days! I just don’t know what style!

Heres an example of one of the most popular style, I love this! But a close friend has a pair, so I don’t want to copy!

This style is no doubt a very fashionable and quirky style! It’s different but I think it may be a bit risky…

These ones are truly… Ah! Beautiful! I love them… But I think I’ve got the men’s edition here? Anyways I love the idea!!!

You can also get lots of different patterns… I love this map edition! Maybe a simple one for the starts and a patterned one for second?

It sounds so easy to just go ahead and buy a pair… But they are just so. expensive 😮 oh well… It’s worth it! Looks like I’m saving up for months on end! Haha, thanks for reading!