France 2010

In 2010, my family and I went to France. I used to go to France a lot as a child and in 2010 we went over to stay at a friends house in the Alpes.

It was beautiful, we took a trip to a stunning place called Annecy, it was exquisite! Oh and they had DELICIOUS icecream too!

We shopped around in adorable boutique shops, strolled through the cobbled paths and over the bridge that covered lake Annecy. I wish I could go now, as I would appreciate it a lot more… I was only 11 and wasn’t interested in the boring old shops! Bit now I would do anything to go back!

Do excuse my pink Raybands and my ill dressed brother… He was going through a chavvy ‘phase’…



My Vintage Camera Collection

Heyta guys, i’ve been collecting cameras for a few years now and i love it! As my dad is an Antiques dealer, he brings in lots of different types, and gives me a few to choose from! I would say my favourite but i cant choose! Ooh maybe the instamatic? The Holga? Or maybe the Polaroid?

I can’t choose they are all so fascinating 😮




Southsea Gems

Seashell Bay has changed! I now own the business and it’s called Southsea Gems! There will be more vintage and reworked vintage. We will also be stocking lamps, photo frames, mirrors and lots more.
Thanks! X


Garage lounge

If you live in southsea then you may of heard of a wonderful Café called ‘Garage Lounge’, if ever get the chance to go, it’s on Albert road, right near the One Eyed Dog on Albert Road. It’s absolutely devine! I went with a friend and we shared an Oreo cheesecake… It was



Seafront walk

Yesterday I took duke for a nice long walk along the beach, I saw a couple of funny things, like the bird on the icecream marquee, doesn’t it look like he’s ruling the roost? Haha I also got a icecream! I don’t know why because it was FREEZING but oh well!