The other day, my mum and I were having a sneaky McDonalds in the car park when a bird landed on the wind mirror! I’m sure he was just looking for food but it was funny! As I took a photo he flew off! I got him just before he went!


Antiques fair

Yesterday I went to an antiques fair with my mum and dad, I had to wake up at 3:30 am! When we arrived we unpacked the things and sold, when I had a little break I set off to buy a few bits of jewellery for Seashell Bay (ill explain later) when I came across Louie Spence! You know that crazy dancing man! Well he was playing up to the cameras! Ah well we left at 4pm and stayed at a friend of my dads for the night!



Photo shoot

Today I have been in a photo shoot. I had to dress 1950’s and I had my hair and makeup done… Back comb mayhem! In the first shoot I was with a friend, Josh. I was cowering away from him whilst he had a gun in his hand, the second one was painful! Haha no it was fine- I was pinned back with perfect hair and hands in perfect position! Ill post up the photos when they are ready! Here’s one of behind the set.